Trade Day Movie Review (2001)

Trade Day is an indie movie directed by Dawson Williams. The movie was released in 2001 and was Dawson’s directorial debut. It is a short movie of 29 minutes length. Although this was Dawson’s first movie, he had managed to round up some of the best known actors from the indie cinema industry such as Joe Lambie and John Bliss. William Budge has provided the art direction for the movie. It is produced by Dawson Williams and Gary Prebula together, while Scott Mitsui was the director of photography.

The movie is set in the post-war era of 1950s in rural Alabama. Trade Day is a story of five people. Jack is an eight year old, who likes to spend time with this grandfather. Every month, Jack’s grandfather, J.B. meets three of his old friends in the town square. The four of them have been friends for a very long time now. This once-a-month meeting is to trade practical or precious possessions with each other, which are again traded back the next month. These are trade days for the old boys. The meetings are as much fun for these friends as they are about business. They spend their time storytelling, bickering, and also bartering their possessions.

J.B. thinks that his eight year old grandson, Jack, is ready for some life lessons. Sure, Jack can learn a thing or two watching the old men discuss, banter, and, more importantly, do business. So J.B. takes Jack with him for his first trade day. Everything is just perfect, just like those numerous trade days that have come to pass between the friends. That is, until something happens that will force J.B. to face a secret that he has long buried in his heart.

The movie stars Joe Lambie in the leading role of J.B. Lambie was a veteran actor, who has dozens of movies to his credits. He is best known for General Hospital (1963), and Nightmares (1983). He is accompanied by another actor with a cult following, John Bliss. Bliss is a popular actor, who has appeared in a number of mainstream movies such as Intolerable Cruelty (2003), Imaginary Heroes (2004), and others. The role of Jack is played by Joshua Miller, whose credits include appearances in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (2003), House M.D. (a 2005 episode), and others. Other cast members include Jack Jozefson, Bryan Clark, Mark Piatelli, Matthew Reidy, and Lisa Klubniken.

trade-day2Trade Day has received mixed reviews from the audience. The story has been praised, and the acting by various characters is great. The presence of many veteran actors surely has had its effect. However, the movie’s editing has been largely criticized. The movie lacks flow, and the scenes appear disjointed. It appears as if the editing has been done by someone who had no idea of the profession and simply pieced together scenes randomly. Nevertheless, the movie’s good story and cast keep attracting art students and anyone who is into indie movies.

The movie has won dozens of awards at various film festivals, notably, the Best Short Film in under 35 minute category at The Long Island International Film Expo. Producers, Gary Prebula, and Dawson Williams shared the award together. Trade Day remains the only contribution by its maker, Dawson so far. Check here to find out how to watch many different kinds of entertainment at a reasonable cost.